Luisa Zissman open up

N-Dubz rapper Dappy and CBB Star Luisa Zissman open up about their relationship.

Dappy and Luisa got interview for OK! Magazine (First for celebrity news)
Finally they sort out what they did in the CBB House. They finally told that they are really, actually love each other. "Honestly? We love each other to death. She's sexy," Dappy speaks to OK! Magazine. And Luisa added "Yah he's very cute,"

She also open up about the recent feud with Helen Flanagan. She state "I just jokingly said we should have boob-off!"and she also added she love Helen, and we are fine now. But in realistically, i dont' think that i can compete with her natural breasts with my surgically enhanced boobs.
Posing for OK!


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